Annual General Meeting 2016

The 52nd Annual General Meeting of the Society will be held on Wednesday 8 June 2016 at Rotherwood, Drake Road, Skegness at 7.00pm. 


This is your opportunity to be involved in running the society, so please make every effort to attend.


We need new officers for the club, and a new committee member, so please give serious consideration to offering your services; without you the club may not be able to continue!


I have attached a summary of the positions which need to be filled; read them and ask questions if you need to, then find yourself a proposer and seconder.  The previous officers will still be around to help you – you won’t be left to flounder!


Responsibilities of the committee





Responsible for the smooth running of the society.  Calls regular meetings of committee and sets AGM.  Liaison with Embassy to book theatre, civic night, after show party etc.  Keeps president, vice president, life members and patrons updated on society matters.  Chairs the audition committee and informs auditionees of the outcome.  Arranges front of house.


In reality, a lot of these duties are delegated to other society members, but the Chairman is there to ensure that they actually happen.





Assists the Chairman, and acts on the Chairman’s behalf in his/her absence.  Should be prepared to step up to the role of Chairman in exceptional circumstances.





Responsible for all financial aspects and book keeping.  Reports monthly to the committee on its financial state and prepares and balances the annual financial statement.





Records minutes of meetings, responds to correspondence, and obtains libs and scores.  Keeps members informed of committee actions and decisions.  Notifies committee members of meetings, and the society of the AGM.  Sends out patrons’ letters and civic invitations.





Represent the society, attend committee meetings, and assist in the running of the society.


We look forward to seeing you on 8 June.


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