Officers and Committee 2012/13

Following last night’s AGM, I am pleased to announce that the following people were elected:

President:  Mr John Turner, Chairman: Miss Jo Fitzwilliams, Vice Chairman: Mr Marino Jackson, Treasurer: Mr Richard Hall, Secretary: Mrs Sandra Colman.

Mrs Sandy Loosley was elected to the committee, but there are still vacancies, and we will be co-opting more members during the year.  We need a full complement on the committee, to ensure that the workload is evenly distributed!

Our production team will comprise Andrea Hall as Producer, Peter Coughtrey-Wellsted as Musical Director, and Mary Ali as Wardrobe Mistress.  The Choreographer is still to be announced.

Thank you to everyone who attended the AGM, and in particular our thanks to all those people who volunteered for office – without you, we would not have a society.

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